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Pet Dental Care

Keep Your Pet’s Mouth Healthy

When was the last time your pet had their teeth examined? If it’s been a while, now is the time to schedule an exam. At Golden State Veterinary Center, we take a proactive approach to dentistry so we can help prevent oral problems, such as gum disease. That’s why we recommend annual wellness exams as well as comprehensive dental exams and cleanings, as needed. We examine our patients’ teeth and gums during every wellness exam, and if we notice any areas of concern (excessive tartar buildup, red gums, etc.), we recommend a separate dental exam and cleaning. Our pet dentistry services are designed to prevent and treat gum disease, but we believe prevention is the best treatment.


About Our Pet Dentistry Services

Just as with every service we offer, we make your pet’s safety and comfort a #1 priority at our animal hospital. That’s why we use anesthesia with every dental procedure we perform. Our dental services include:

  • Pre-anesthetic blood work (recommended)
  • Ultrasonic scaling and polishing
  • Pain management
  • Comprehensive dental exam
  • Dental X-rays

Dental Grades

To determine how the health status of a pet’s teeth, veterinarians use “dental grades.” These grades, listed below, help determine the stages of gum disease as well as when treatment should be sought.

  • Grade 1: Soft plaque and tartar buildup (treatment recommended within six months)
  • Grade 2: Moderate tartar and plaque accumulation, small pockets between gums and teeth, and red and swollen gums (treatment recommended within three months)
  • Grade 3: Heavy tartar, plaque, and calculus buildup; larger pockets between teeth and gums; destroyed gum tissue; tender gums (treatment recommended within two to four weeks)
  • Grade 4: Severe tartar, plaque, and calculus accumulation; root infection; permanent damage, bone loss; loose teeth; bacteria in blood stream (treatment recommended immediately)

In the last stage of gum disease, a pet’s organs can be affected, which can eventually shorten their life span. That’s why prevention is so important when it comes to your pet’s dental health.

Give us a call at 661-670-8773 to schedule your pet’s dental exam, so they can live a longer, happier, healthier life with you.



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