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Pet Diagnostics: Taking an Inside Look

Your pet’s health means a lot to you, and we do our best to give the Castaic community complete care for them. That’s why we offer pet diagnostics to give you both the most accurate diagnosis possible. As thorough as our regular exam is, sometimes we need help to better treat possibly painful conditions. Using cutting edge technology with digital radiography and 3D ultrasound, we’re able to see what our bare eyes and your pet can’t tell us. Digital X-rays let us see things like fractures and dental problems. Our ultrasound imaging lets us see whether your pet is pregnant or has other issues, like a cyst or cancerous tumor.

From Head to Paws, DPet Diagnostics in Castaic: Veterinarian Views Sample Under Microscopeigital Radiography is Better

Sometimes we need to dig a little deeper to give your pet the right treatment. With digital X-rays, we can pinpoint problems with their bones, teeth, digestive system and more. Conditions like gum disease and foreign bodies will get worse without proper treatment. Being one of the most commonly used tools in veterinary medicine, digital radiography is an easily accessible tool for pet diagnostics. Plus, it’s the most up-to-date X-ray with many benefits:


  • Your pet gets less exposure to radiation and harmful chemicals.
  • We can almost instantly see imaging results for quick treatment.
  • Results are shareable through e-mail and other digital means.
  • Images are clearer and more readable than traditional X-rays.


Ultrasound for State-of-the-Art Technology

When it comes to top-of-the-line pet diagnostics, our ultrasound machine fits the bill. Using sound waves and 3D imaging on a real-time screen, we see all of your pet’s internal organs and soft tissues. The most common diagnosis made with ultrasound is pregnancy and though it is exciting to see babies in your pet’s growing belly, no issue goes undetected. We use the technology to diagnose many other conditions:

  • It tells us where inflammation is coming from.
  • It helps find cysts and tumors.
  • It identifies painful kidney stones.

If you think your pet needs advanced diagnostics for any underlying conditions, call us right away. We’re conveniently located in Castaic, California and we’re happy to compassionately serve them. Our number is 661-670-8773.


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